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    About Us

    Because it's Cleaner
    When the Boss Cleans!

    Who we are

    Let’s skip the small talk. You’re managing work, life, and everything in between, so worrying about cleaning should be the last thing on your list. 

    So what sets Clean Boss apart from those other cleaning companies? 

    The ones that send in undertrained and underpaid staff, deliver a subpar clean, and then leave you to search for another service that promises the world but delivers the same lackluster results.

    We believe that if you’re tired of complaining about the cleaners, you deserve a company that not only ensures its people are not just motivated but also expertly trained and fully supported to deliver their best work.

    We don’t just aim to be another option; we aim to be the best. That’s why we invest heavily in top-tier training, solid business systems, and effective local management, ensuring we provide the best service to our clients everywhere.

    From humble beginnings in 2020, starting with just a husband-and-wife team cleaning farmhouses in Tirau, Clean Boss has rapidly expanded.

    Now, just a few years later, we have over 50 franchisees from Auckland to Taupo. Our growth speaks for itself—we must be doing something right.

    Our vision? To become New Zealand’s leading choice for commercial and residential cleaning. Our mission? To create clean and hygienic spaces.

    We may be blue, but we love green!

    Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our choice of cleaning products with the majority of the products we stock are certified as environmentally-friendly in New Zealand.

    We take this approach because many traditional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals, often derived from petrochemicals and other toxic ingredients.

    We understand the impact these products can have on both our environment and our health, which is why we prioritise eco-friendly alternatives.

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      ECO products


      But why us?

      Because We're Awesome!

      Pretty simple stuff, we just have happy and well trained people that love what they do, and they do a really, really good job.


      Our Franchisee run operations, mean you get service from the boss! - Motivated and Committed!


      From humble beginnings in the Waikato and no outside investment, we're 100% Kiwi owned and operated.

      We Do it right

      We put people over profits and we do things above board, and all for the right reasons. No dodgy-dodgy in our business.

      Friendly Pro's!

      Deal with a professional company that values it's clients and provides service with a smile. We're here to serve you.