The Clean boss way

Kia Ora and welcome to Clean Boss.

What’s different about us? We could just give you the boring old spiel that we clean really good and that our people are really well trained and everything is hotdogs and doughnuts with us because we are the best….. Which of course, that stuff is true but it doesn’t let you know why we are the best choice.

Chances are if you’re finding us here, you’ve come because you’ve opened a new business and need new cleaners or you’ve fallen out of love with your old cleaners because they’re just not cutting the mustard anymore. Sound about right?

One of the most common things we hear from new clients is “Well, you know, Billy & Bob were really great at the start, but then, later on, it just got worse and worse, but you know, that’s what cleaners are like!”

Sadly, this is one of the common truths of the cleaning industry and a lot of the time, it’s from cleaning providers who provide a quote for the cheapest price possible in order to secure new work so that they can fill their quotas while leaving the people who’re doing the actual work with often less than minimum wage after their operating costs come out, leaving them just enough time to rush through a job and cut a few corners in order to turn a profit.

Clean Boss is changing things up by getting back to the basics and just focusing on providing a quality service for a fair price, where everybody wins.

All of our Bosses have skin in the game and run their business as owner-operators and don’t employ unsupervised or untrained staff. If it’s not them doing the cleaning, they will have an appointed manager in place so whichever way you look at it, you’ll always feel confident knowing that it’s Cleaner When the Boss Cleans!

Meet the Team

Head Boss, Commercial

Ethan Gordon

With an extensive background in franchising throughout New Zealand and Australia and years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, Ethan set out to create Clean Boss as a way to bridge the gap between underpaid and under resourced cleaning franchisees and clients disappointed with the service they receive.

Ethan leads the day to day of the commercial side of the business which includes franchise recruitment and training, cleaning systems and connecting clients who’re tired of complaining about their cleaners with highly motivated Boss’s with skin in the game ready to get to work and provide the best cleaning experience possible.