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    How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

    We’re often asked how often is enough to clean your carpets and the answer to that question always varies.

    At a minimum, we’d always recommend at least annually, if not twice a year if you can, for most businesses and households, especially if you live in a household with a busy family, pets and kids or work in a high-traffic workplace.

    You see, like most fabrics, carpet is super absorbent to just about anything it comes into contact with, which includes dust, food, liquids, etc the list goes on and over the course of a year, you don’t even need to imagine what kind of bacteria and dirt gets stuck within those carpet fibres.

    When it comes to professionally cleaning your carpets, there are plenty of options available to you from the hire a machine and do it yourself, to professional equipment such as steam cleaners and shampoo / extraction machines that the pro’s use to clean your carpets with ease.

    The benefit of outsourcing this job to a professional means that you’re trusting the job to be completed by someone who has plenty of experience doing it. Often, you’ll find the professionals will be able to identify different types of stains and understand how to remove them safely, they’ll know if your carpet is synthetic or made out of wool and the correct procedures to clean these without damaging your carpets and also just understand how to get the best result possible.

    Your local Clean Boss technician is fully equipped and ready to go for all of your carpet cleaning needs. You can find out more about Carpet Cleaning here  or for Carpet Cleaning Rotorua here