Carpet Cleaning Rotorua

Carpet Cleaning Rotorua

Carpet Cleaning Rotorua

Having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning technician is a great idea if you want to not only improve the look of your carpets but also create a healthier home by removing some of the harmful bacteria hiding in the fibres of your carpet.

Our Bosses are trained experts when it comes to identifying and treating your most common stains and to provide the best quality carpet cleaning every single time.

Fun Fact

Bacteria on your carpet can transfer harmful germs immediately to food. Making the 5 second rule a bit of a myth.

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What's Involved?

Our standard procedure when cleaning your carpets include:

  • Prepare the area with a deep vacuum to remove all debris and dust.
  • Pre-treat the carpet with an eco-friendly cleaning agent designed to break down the dirt within the carpet and remove bad bacteria.
  • Extract the dirty water using the high-powered suction of our commercial carpet cleaning machine.

Depending on if it’s required or not, we can also add on a buffing treatment to the carpet cleaning service for deep scrubbing and penetration of dirt and soils within the fibres.

A lot of common stains, especially food, will come off during the carpet cleaning treatment. We also use a spot cleaner to remove any obvious stains.

Some stains that have been left for too long may not be able to be removed. We do however, carry a range of specialty formulated products to remove stubborn stains.

For an average 3 bedroom, you’d be looking at around $230 for the full service. Call us now for a quote on 0800 890 134 

It all depends on the weather and how well ventilated the property is.

We generally recommend 6 hours for the carpets to become touch dry. 

Yes, we can also clean rugs and upholstery and it’s much more economical when completed at the time of your carpets being cleaned.

Check out a post we wrote about this here.

Carpet Cleaning Rotorua
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    Carpet Cleaning Rotorua

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