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    Clean Start Thanks to Covid

    By Luke Kirkeby

    “We figured that if we can have happy guys on the ground who are doing a great job and making a fair profit, then obviously clients are going to get the service they expect.” — Ethan Gordon

    Ethan and Alyssa Gordon, owners of Clean Boss, moved back to New Zealand with their children after being made redundant due to Covid-19. Despite initial doubts, the couple successfully grew their South Waikato cleaning company into a thriving business within a year, with location now in Hamilton, Rotorua, and Tauranga.

    Ethan leveraged his industry experience to address the gap in the market caused by the disconnection between employees and clients. By paying well above minimum wage and ensuring employees feel valued, Clean Boss has been able to deliver high-quality service, leading to increased referrals and business growth.

    Key Highlights:

    Employee Satisfaction: Paying above minimum wage to ensure employees feel valued and motivated.

    Customer Service: Focusing on providing high-quality service to meet client expectations.

    Rapid Growth: Expanding the franchise to new locations with plans for further expansion.

    Work-Life Balance: Maintaining a balance between business responsibilities and family time.

    Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Advising others to pursue their business ideas and seize opportunities in less glamorous industries.

    Alyssa Gordon, who manages the residential side of the business, credits family support for their success. Operating from Tīrau has provided the perfect base, allowing them to stay close to their community while growing their business.

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