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    Clean Boss is committed to keeping our people and your people safe during an outbreak such as the COVID-19 outbreak we are experiencing right now.

    Cleaning plays an important part in minimising the spread of the virus or any other virus for that matter in your business, school, organisation or home, which is essential to good health and staying safe during this time.

    Part of this means we adapt our cleaning procedures through the alert levels in order to provide our services in line with the Government guidelines, designed to stop the spread of the virus.

    Alert Level 4

    During alert level 4, we cannot physically operate, unless we are providing our services to an essential business, that is allowed to operate during Level 4.


    Alert Level 3

    During Alert Level 3, we can operate providing that we work in a completely contactless way, ideally, without anyone else around.

    Home cleaning will be paused while cleaning for businesses that can operate will resume.

    • So far as it’s reasonably practical, we will work with you to ensure your cleaning service is scheduled outside of hours when individuals will be present on site.
    • As a usual course of business, we will ensure to sign in to each site using the COVID-19 tracer app and also complete a site safety check on our own Clean Boss Health and Safety app.
    • All of our team will be in full face masks, with enough stock of medical grade gloves for cleaning, sanitiser and clean equipment and materials to reduce the chances of cross-contamination between locations.
    • Our team will ensure to keep their safe distance from each other and at least 2 metres away from any individuals on site.
    • Implement a two-step cleaning process designed to clean all surfaces and high-touch point areas with an initial general clean to remove all soil and build-up on each surface and then fully sanitise each surface. This is an essential step to ensuring a surface has been sufficiently sanitised.


    Alert Level 2

    We will observe all of the same steps as in Alert Level 3. The only change is we can now resume home cleaning services.

    Be assured that every one of our Bosse’s are highly trained and ready to create a clean and hygienic space for you.