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    You’ve decided to hire a brand new Commercial Cleaning company to take care of all your cleaning needs and right now, you’re at a stage where you need to find out which company is going to be the right fit for you and your business.

    Chances are, you’ve either previously had professional cleaners but have been let down by the quality of work and poor communication, your business is ‘going to market’ to find out if you’re getting the best deal for your dollar or you’ve opened up a brand new business and are in need of cleaning services.

    To make things simple for you, we’ve highlighted the steps you should consider when hiring a new cleaning company.

    1. Value for Money

    We’re all in business to make money and cleaning is no different, however, it’s important that you review every quote you receive in detail and not immediately jump to the cheapest price.

    The cleaning industry is rampant with questionable operators who look to undercut and undervalue their own pricing and their competitor’s pricing in order to be successful in securing the work.

    This often leads to either a really poor service where cleaners will look to rush a job that should have taken three hours and end up taking shortcuts on the very same tasks they’ve quoted to complete so that they can finish in half of the time it should’ve taken.

    2. The Total Solution

    At Clean Boss, we’re big on taking away any and all of our client’s inconveniences, meaning we don’t just offer a simple cleaning service, we look to partner with each company that we service and take care of all of their needs.

    That means, organising contractors from other trades such as gardening and property maintenance, to having an easy online portal where you can order consumables and office supplies from and even managing your complete waste management system.

    We’re here to help and can almost guarantee someone will always be ready by the phone to take care of whatever needs doing.

    3. How Easy is it to Get in Touch?

    Communication is critical in this business as is having someone you can contact immediately for any questions or concerns you have.

    Ask whoever is supplying the quote to you who would be the direct contact? If you have to go through a call centre to get connected to someone or can’t get a hold of anyone after 4:55 on a Friday, chances are this will cause a lot of frustrations down the road.

    Not only do we set up each client with their own unique online portal to communicate with us or pass on any feedback, we’ve also got people ready to answer your call 24/7, 7 days a week.

    4. Are they Compliant with WorkSafe Legislation?

    Most cleaning providers will claim to have their own Health and Safety management system, but odds are the people actually performing the cleaning probably don’t follow their system at all meaning your business could be liable for any potential hazards and incidents down the road.

    Part of our commitment to keeping ourselves and clients safe is completing a mini-safety audit called a Take Care Be Aware check before commencing work. We also share this with our clients at the end of the month so they know we’re compliant with the relevant legislation.

    We also communicate any incidents at the time of happening, do our part to identify hazards and communicate these with the preferred site contact and complete the initial Safe Work Method Statement before commencing any new work.

    5. Did you Like Them?

    Perhaps even the most important of them all. How’d you get along with the person doing the quote? Were they pushy or too salesy? Did they not really pay attention to what you were saying? Did they send the quote through later than they said they would?

    These are all really good indicators of your long-term relationship with your cleaning company and we’ve heard it enough times to know that changing cleaners is never a fun thing to do so above all else, trust your gut and go with the option you think is the best fit for you and your business.