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    Covid-19 is changing the way that the world operates. Whether it is altering the nature of working due to lockdowns or simply changing the way that we all clean up a space, the fact is that Covid-19 has caused us all to rethink how we operate.

    For most, the workplace is where we spend the majority of our time. Though Coronavirus has changed the face of employment, with some working from home and others working under very different conditions, the fact is that we all understand the need to keep our spaces clean in order to slow the spread of this terrible virus.

    This is why we decided to write an article on Covid-19 and how to help you to stay safe during this outbreak.

    Promote Good Hygiene

    The best way to limit your risk of Coronavirus in the workplace is to focus on good hygiene.

    This is true for both the physical workplace and the employees. The majority of people, particularly those who work on computers or kiosks, run a fairly high risk of contaminating themselves and others because of the touch element of these jobs.

    With this in mind, it is important for employees to focus on good hygiene for themselves by continually washing their hands throughout the day, using products to sanitise when and where necessary, and avoiding unnecessary contact with others. These factors are even more important if the individuals are working in a highly public place, but the fact is that we should all be sticking to these ideals.

    Sanitise the Area

    In order to limit the spread of the virus, it is important to keep the workplace clean throughout the day. This might mean using sanitiser wipes to wipe down a mouse or keyboard, or it might mean wiping down kiosks between uses at a retail establishment.

    So far there is only one product on the market that claims to be able to fully decontaminate the virus, but as per guidelines, products that contain more than 1% hydrogen peroxide or sanitisers with 70% alcohol or more should do the job. Make sure you do your research on the products that you’re using and adhere to the manufactures instruction as there is usually a dwell time with most cleaning products for them to be effective.

    Either way, the idea is to continuously clean the workspace with sanitising products to limit the chance that the virus will remain on any surfaces in the area. Covid-19 can spread well over six feet, and is able to live on many common surfaces, so consistent Covid-19 workplace cleaning is crucial.

    Use Protection Methods

    Many essential workers are working in areas that are open to the public. The reality is that more exposure to the public puts essential workers at risk, which is what makes promoting a safe workplace so important. In order to truly limit the spread, it is important to use available protection methods to keep employees extra safe when possible.

    Masks, gloves, and plastic shields are helping individuals to stay safe against the virus. It can also be helpful to put extra measures in place, including placing markers on the ground to encourage a wider proximity between employees and the public, as well as allowing as many individuals to work from home as possible.

    Covid-19 is a fast-spreading virus that has put many at risk, which is why putting measurements in place to protect employees and the general public is something that we all need to be better about.

    Work with your employees to take as many steps as possible to keep everyone safe, and do what you can to improve your Covid-19 workplace cleaning procedures to help stop the spread of Coronavirus in your area.

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