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    Post Construction Cleaning: Terms and Conditions


    Before accepting our quote, please refer to our full terms and conditions as outlined below. 



    Due to the nature of our business, we’re unable to accept a ‘day-of’ cancellation for any jobs that have been previously booked in. 

    In the event of a cancellation within 24 hours of the booking start-time and date, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of 60%. 

    This is due to the fact that we are still required to pay our team for the scheduled works due to be completed and accounting for a loss of revenue where we would have otherwise have arranged for an alternative booking.



    Our payment terms are strictly 20th of the month, following the most recent invoice. 

    In the event of non-payment on the due date, Clean Boss reserves the right to charge a daily interest rate of 2.5% until the invoice or invoices have been paid.

    We also may decide to refer any outstanding debts to a third-party for collection who may also charge additional fees and costs.

    Ready to Work:


    Clean Boss bases our quoted cleaning services on the proviso that the project or property is of a finished standard and ready to be cleaned. 

    In the event that other trade or service professionals are still working on site on the day of the clean, cleaning will be completed to the best of our ability and no discounts will be given for areas unable to be completed. 

    Health and Safety:


    In line with our Health and Safety policy and guidelines, we can only clean in areas that are safe for our team to do so. 

    We generally will not clean in areas where our team cannot easily manoeuvre within the space, which includes working around cluttered and obstructed areas and power tools.

    We also kindly ask that all risks and hazards that are associated with the project or property are communicated to us on-site prior to us starting work. 

    Power & Water:


    To complete a satisfactory clean inline with our standard scope of services, we do require power and water to be connected on-site prior to Clean Boss completing our work. 

    Please contact us ahead of time if required so we can make alternative arrangements.

    Windows & Joinery:


    Clean Boss uses a preferred method of cleaning external glass partitions with a specialised pure-water cleaning system which uses a combination of biodegradable detergents and filtered water, which removes minerals from the water supply to leave a spot-free finish. 

    Where accessible our cleaning technicians will remove a reasonable amount of building waste and organic materials from the external joinery and glass partitions, such as paint droplets, concrete specs and bird poo.

    As we provide fixed-pricing based on a standard scope of services, excessive amounts of building waste that should’ve been removed from the responsible trade is not included. 

    Clean Boss takes no liability for scratched or otherwise damaged glass or joinery during the cleaning process. 

    We use the neutral cleaning agents and non-abrasive tools and techniques wherever possible, however in rare instances, damage can occur through no fault of our own, i.e. excessive concrete dust on glass partitions, adhesive tape or stickers that have melted onto the affected surfaces.

    Exterior Cleaning:


    For the cleaning of external surfaces, we use an approved low-pressure cleaning system that is designed to clean surfaces effectively, without causing damage during the cleaning process. 

    Combined with biodegradable, detergents and cleaning products, we’re able to achieve a satisfactory clean in the safest way possible.

    What is not covered in our external cleaning service is the removal of excess builder waste, such as but not limited to concrete deposits on surfaces, paint splashes and other materials.

    In the instance that damage has occurred throughout the cleaning process where we’ve attempted to remove building waste, Clean Boss takes no liability for any damage caused. 

    Interior Cleaning:


    Clean Boss has an approved cleaning system, designed to complete an effective and satisfactory post-construction cleaning service.

    Our standard scope includes a comprehensive and thorough internal clean of the property, and removing reasonable amounts of builder’s waste such as grout, concrete splatter, silicone, paint drops and more. 

    Unless otherwise requested, Clean Boss does not include the removal of building waste from site, cleaning of stained or damaged carpet and removing excessive amounts of build-up such as grout, concrete or silicone.

    Appliances and Stickers:


    Clean Boss will remove all stickers from appliances and fixtures that have been newly installed, so far as there are no labels instructing the owner to remove or read first. 

    We will also remove all tape and adhesives from joinery and windows inside and outside of the property unless otherwise instructed.