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So you’re looking for a new commercial cleaning company in Hamilton right? Well great! That’s what we do best.

Most of the enquires that we get are from busy professionals, who just want a solid and consistent cleaning service, where they don’t have to pick up the phone and complain about it every five minutes, as they feel so let down by their existing provider.

Our army of local Clean Boss franchisees or as we like to call them, Boss’s, are ready and waiting to roll their sleeves up and do what they do best, so if you’re tired of complaining about poor quality cleaning, give Clean Boss a call, where it’s Cleaner When the Boss Cleans!


Before any of our franchisees can get to work, we put them through an 80 hour training programme to ensure the best cleaning results possible.

Fast & Responsive

You've probably dealt with stuff companies in the past who were super hard to get a hold of. Well.. Not us, you call and we answer.

Locally Owned

Your local Boss is an independent franchise owner of Clean Boss, meaning not only do they have real skin-in-the-game but a genuine interest in doing business in their local communities.

Eco-Friendly Products

We only use a range of effective environmentally friendly certified cleaning products with most of our range stocked from New Zealand manufacturers.

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commercial cleaning companies hamilton

Creating Clean & Hygienic Workplaces for Businesses in Hamilton.

For a healthy, more productive office environment

It’s no secret that a clean, tidy and hygienic workplace leads to a more productive work-force and why wouldn’t it?

Without the distraction of excess clutter, dirty desks and poor quality cleaning your team can just focus on the job that’s ahead of them all while reducing their chances of getting sick from having a clear cleaning and sanitising programme in place.

reduce the spread of illness

Parents expect a safe, clean and hygienic environment for their little ones to play and learn so your child care cleaning programme needs to be well-thought-out and effective.

At Clean Boss, we don’t just wipe down a table, do a quick vacuum and call it a day. We pay special attention to sanitising high touch-point areas and creating the cleanest place possible all with a range of environmentally certified, eco-friendly cleaning products.

create lasting first impressions

In an industry as competitive as retail, first impressions count! You could have the best merchandising, lighting and products on the shelves but if your store is subject to dirty floors and grubby windows, what’re your customers going to remember?

We can help maintain your shop floors, windows, team room and general cleaning of your store or large site to give your customers the best shopping experience possible.

Commercial Cleaning Waikato & Rotorua

Specialised Medical Grade Cleaning

We stock a range of medical-grade cleaning products such as Viruclean which is proven effective in the killing of strains of viruses such as COVID-19 and others all while being completely safe to use on surfaces and high-touch point areas.

Talk to us about a tailored cleaning solution for your medical centre and we’ll provide the best, most hygienic clean every time.

Commercial Cleaning Waikato & Rotorua

“Having Clean Boss take care of our floors and windows has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Our place looks so much better”
This is how....

We do it!

Trusting your cleaning provider with the safety of your team and customers is paramount. Check out some of the ‘standards’ we include as part of our service.

Health & Safety

Monthly reporting of site activity.

Secured & Vetted

MOJ checked and security vetted.

Highly Motivated

Team that's rewarded for quality performance.

Fully Insured

$2,000,000 in public liability insurance.

Commercial Cleaning Hamilton

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    Frequently asked questions...

    We’re often asked a bunch of questions about how we work, what makes us different and what to expect from a commercial cleaning service, so we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for you right here.

    Well, it all comes down to our core beliefs which are that happy franchisees “Boss’s” give their clients the best experience possible because they love what they do.

    We achieve this through ensuring our team are running profitable businesses, that everything is kept above board and support our people as best as we can.

    Of course, there’s a huge focus on training and quality too, meaning the owners are directly involved with the initial training as well as our experienced operators too.

    All new recruits go through around 80 hours of practical training before being signed off as good to go.

    The truth about the cleaning industry is that it is full of companies who choose to take short-cuts and under quote on jobs just to get them across the line and it’s a sad reality for many.

    Put simply, if there’s not enough resources such as time, to do the job right, will always result in the person doing the work having to cut corners in order to turn a profit.

    All our support team have been hands on in the business, meaning we know our stuff when it comes to commercial cleaning and how long a job should take and we never undercut ourselves to win new work. 

    This makes us slightly more expensive then most of the low-quality providers out there but the value that we can bring to your business is worth it and it also means our people are paid fairly.

    Yes, we can order and manage your consumables for you too or alternatively we can connect you with one of our key suppliers so that you can access the best rates possible yourself as a client of Clean Boss.

    All of our owner-operators go through a robust background check before commencing with us.

    This also includes a MOJ check as one of the minimums so you can trust who’s on your site even when you’re not there.

    Yes, all of our Boss’s carry a minimum of $2,000,000 in public liability cover meaning they’re fully insured incase the worst happens.

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